Endless possibilities for your photos!

If you're tired of photo editors with just a few built-in styles, Jazz is for you! Jazz will easily transform your iPhone photos into beautiful works of art with infinite looks and possibilities. And if you want make some changes to the look, you have complete control.

  • Incredibly simple to use. An unlimited number of styles at the touch of a button.
  • Wide range of styles. Elegant to grungy, modern to retro or vintage.
  • 23 powerful filters including Film Treatment, Vignette, Diffusion, Lens Flares, Light Leaks & more.
  • Nothing else to buy. It just works. And it's awesome.

Simply touch the G-Clef button and Jazz will instantly create 4 unique looks.

Complete control of every feature...but only if you want it.

Creative filters lead to some very creative looking images.


- JM

I have been using Jazz non stop. I'm in love!

- JK

Jazz makes creating gorgeous photos WAY TOO EASY!

- JR

Straight forward.... Very easy to use even for an idiot like me!

- TB

I am obsessed with your Jazz app. It's making me very lazy. I love when something does all the work for me. :)

- JK

Jazz is probably one of the most professional interfaces for photo editing on the iPhone that I've used.

- AL

I got rid of all my photo apps. Jazz is all I need.

- JK
Incredibly Simple to Use

Just touch the G-clef button and Jazz will instantly create 4 creative and unique looks for your photo. Don't like any of them, just touch the G-clef again. Jazz can do this all day long.

Incredible Range of Looks & Styles

Jazz can create an infinite range of looks for your photos. Slick, vintage, modern, retro, elegant -- and anything in-between.

Incredibly Powerful

You can adjust any of the 23 powerful filters that Jazz used to create your style. You have complete control of color, border, contrast, grain, bloom and much more -- but only if you want it.

Much, Much More...

Load and Save your own presets -- Upload to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr -- Crop and Rotate -- Fullscreen previews -- Style History -- Pictures DO NOT HAVE TO BE square!

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